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Materials Martensitic and Ferritic steel


Chemical analysis

AISI: M106
W.N.: 1.4106
C max: 0.03
Si: 1.20-1.60
Mn max: 0.60
P max: 0.040
S: 0.25-0.35
Cr: 17.5-18.5
Mo: 01.50-2.00
Cu max: 0.30
Ni max: 0.50

Characteristics and areas of application
Ferromagnetic stainless steel with low residual magnetic hysteresis, it optimises low coercive force values of Hc: 200 A/m max and a relative magnetic permeability of μr: 1100 - 2000 max (depending on the chemical composition and the quality of the heat treatment performed) without deteriorating inter-crystalline corrosion resistance and without compromising resistance against pitting phenomena.
Due to its chemical composition, characterised by high concentrations of sulphur, this steel has high processing features, high corrosion resistance (higher compared to 1.4105 and 1.05SI) and magnetic properties suitable for the production of solenoid valve cores.

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