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Products Flat bars with sharp edges

Product range and finish
Flat bars with sharp edges
from 2 x 1 mm
to 15 x 20 mm
  • Polished drawn
  • Key flats
Dimension tolerance
Flat bars with sharp edges
  • Drawn ISO h9 - h10 - h11 and any tolerances on customer request

Availability of flats with sharp and rounded edges in rolls and drawn bars. We offer products with dimensions ranging from 2x1 mm up to 20x15 mm. We are committed to providing solutions that meet the most varied requests of our customers. Particularly, we offer polish drawn stainless steel wire and flat bars or key flats. The dimensional tolerances of drawn bars are in compliance with the reference standards or on customer request.
The lengths of the bars are standard (3-6 meters) or made on request of the customer

Product range

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