Eure Inox s.r.l.


Eure Inox has a manufacturing program for long bars exclusively made in stainless steel. Thanks to the relationships developed over the years with the best steel mills in Europe and worldwide, the quality of the raw material guarantees the excellence of the final products.

Eure Inox deals with several types of steel, offering real specialties also thanks to particularly complex processes. Our experience in the field of wire drawing and grinding and the large stock availability allow Eure Inox to supply its customers worldwide.

The EURE + Materials

EURE + materials are improved-manufacture materials obtained through the use of a manufacturing process that makes them suitable for high turning speeds and for use on automatic machines.


Eure Inox boasts some "house specialties", i.e. materials manufactured and treated with special procedures. These materials distinguish our offer and allow us to swiftly respond to even the most demanding requests.

Request information

For any type of information, to request offers on our products or for any kind of logistic or administrative assistance, see the Contact page.