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The Eure Inox plant has three important systems for the solubilization, annealing and treatment for hysteresis inspection. The three furnaces are electric-powered and entirely remote-controlled by systems recording the speed and processing temperature second by second. This choice has proven to be a successful one, both for the environmental impact and for the processing, as they guarantee excellent temperature uniformity and, consequently, constant product quality.

The purpose of the furnace is carrying out similar manufacturing from a microstructural point of view but on different products. The first two furnaces are dedicated to wires heat treatment while the second to bars annealing, invecchiamento and hysteresis of bars.

Eure Inox

Furnaces  Electric solubilization / wire annealing furnace

Electric solubilization / wire annealing furnace

Eure Inox has two specific electric furnaces for stainless steel wire annealing. The production process is divided into different stages, from the initial degreasing stage to the finished product output. The cold-worked steel is introduced into the furnaces and then solubilized or annealed. The cooling takes place with a controlled process and the eventual salting stage prevents the onset of product defects during wire drawing.

Furnaces  Electric bars-annealing furnace

Electric bars-annealing furnace

This furnace, as the previous one, is a “carbon neutral” structure due to the fact it is electric-powered. In this case, the production process concerns bars annealing and consists of four stages: automatic loading and unloading of the material, annealing, cooling. The second and third stages are performed in a controlled way, so as to increase the quality of the final product. In particular, the furnace is designed to guarantee the achievement of physical properties of the material that make it suitable for electromagnetic applications (solenoids, solenoid valve cores, etc…).

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