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The stainless-steel bars and special-profiles wire drawing and grinding are the key of Eure Inox's business. The manufacturing is carried out through a carefully selected fleet of machinery which can offer  ideal precision and speed.

The company continuously chooses to invest on its machinery in order to improve manufacturing and reliability and implements different and modern online control systems.

Eure Inox

Quality check

Eure Inox regards quality check as a fundamental part of the production chain. The company owns machinery for the inspection of defects, both superficial and internal to the material, thanks to ultrasonic and electromagnetic systems capable of identifying any surface defect. Optical-morphological inspection through high-frequency detection cameras to guarantee surface quality is added to these systems.

Manufacturing Machines

Eure Inox

Defect inspection equipment

Instrument for the identification of longitudinal surface defects (lines or cracks), for the detection - by means of induced current - of discontinuous longitudinal defects (pits or flakes) and for the ultrasonic analysis of occult defects inside the material.

Eure Inox

Grinding machines

Machines for the processing of round bars from 1.5 to 100 mm, in all tolerances. Grinders have a laser measuring system for diameter check and automatic adjustment

Eure Inox

Drawing machines

Machines designed for the drawing of round bars from 1.8 to 30 mm, square bars from 2 to 22 mm and hexagon bars from 2 to 27 mm.
All drawing drawing machines have Eddy current control on line.

Eure Inox


Machines designed for bar ends bevelling at 30 ° and 45 °, also for square and hexagonal bars.

Eure Inox


Wires to wires drawing machines.

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