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Materials Austenitic steel


Chemical analysis

AISI: 316 Cu
W.N.: 1.4578
C max: 0.04
Si max: 1.00
Mn max: 1.00
P max: 0.045
S max: 0.015
Cr: 16.5-17.5
Ni: 10-11
Cu: 3.0-3.5
Altri/ N max: 0.1

Characteristics and areas of application

1.4578 non-magnetic austenitic grade is essentially equal to 1.4404 with the high degree of deformation allowed thanks to the exceptional addition of copper, included between 3 and 3.5%.
Chemical applications, instruments manufacturing, cryogenic applications, food and beverage industry, electronic applications, shipbuilding industry, and the fastener devices industry are the typical application areas of 1.4578.

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