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07 June 2022

EureLab - Our Machines


As mentioned in our two previous articles Quality in Eure Inox and Innovation: What it Means to Innovate in the World of Stainless Steel, Eure Inox boasts a prestigious in-house testing laboratory dedicated to quality control and innovation.
Thanks to a management decision that is particularly sensitive to these topics, we can find the most modern measuring instruments that, due to their intrinsic characteristics, allow us to analyse and study the data obtained from the different tests performed on stainless steel with greatest precision.
But that's not all! The ability to handle important analyses even in-line allows for greater efficiency and considerable time savings in the processing of long stainless steel.

Of course, quality control is a process that goes through all the various stages of processing: starting from the raw material to the finished product.
All the controls that are carried out, have as their ultimate goal the monitoring of the specific criteria and attributes that contribute to the realization of a high quality product.

The Machinery

Our machinery, allows us to perform tests of various kinds, greatly expanding the spectrum of qualitative analysis. We find:

•    mechanical tests
•    chemical tests
•    physical tests

INSTROM Model 3382

It is a universal servo-electric 100kN (22.00 lbf) machine employed for measurements of mechanical behaviors that digitally detects the value of applied force and deformation of the test specimen with video strain gauge.

TALYROND 131C (Taylor Hobson)

It is called a roundness meter and is a high-precision machine for checking any shape errors in the material produced, specifically

•    roundness
•    concentricity
•    eccentricity
•    flatness
•    coaxiality
•    cylindricity

LEICA Z16 APO metallographic microscope

This instrument allows a complete study of the metallurgical structure of steels at the end of proper polishing and specific chemical attack.

SPECTROMAX X Quantometer

Qualitative and quantitative chemical composition analysis of steel is carried out using this instrument, which studies the optical emission spectrum emitted by the material when stimulated by sparking.

KOERZIMAT Permeameter 1.097 (Foerster)

The company's excellence, this machine, available in a limited number worldwide, allows hysteresis and permeability values to be measured in 3 minutes.

Full descriptions of our machinery and equipment can be found at this link https://www.eureinox.it/en/eurelab/


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