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19 April 2022

Quality in Eure Inox, a business philosophy

Quality: a recurring word in the everyday life of Eure Inox, since it is a real value on which all company activities are based. Although it is certainly a very broad subject, we have decided to tell you about the three most important aspects that the topic of quality takes on for us, starting from a real business philosophy to the most concrete quality control on the product.

Quality as a business philosophy

Let us start with the more theoretical and extended aspect that quality can take as it includes other concrete translations of the concept, such as the development of a Management System.
Quality has been (and still remains) a basic principle on which the company is founded. For us at Eure Inox, since the first steps taken in 1997, quality has indeed been an indispensable value for any activity that needs to be carried out. We like to think that the success we have achieved is really the result of our work ethic, based on customer focus, great availability, level of service and respect for all our Employees. For us, in fact, quality also means providing a product and service that facilitates the Customer, including suggesting the most appropriate processing. This means facilitating his processes, trying to solve his issues, adapting the product to specific required parameters and advising on the best processes.
Putting the Customer at the centre means always asking for all useful information, including information about the final processing, to always provide a product that is better for that purpose than the required standard.

Quality as a tool for organizing processes and activities

For us at Eure Inox, quality also means organization, company management, continuous improvement and Customer focus. We implemented a Management System according to ISO 9001 certified in 2014, constantly striving to find the best solutions. Quality, for us, is not just certification, procedures or records to be filled out, but has become a tool to regulate and organize our processes. We carefully qualify and evaluate all of our suppliers, pay a great deal of care in handling complaints and requirements to be met for our Clients, monitor the progress of processes, map all tools and infrastructure to ensure their best possible management, plan actions to achieve our goals, and provide ongoing training for our employees. For all intents and purposes, quality has become our management philosophy, our operational tool. Implementing and maintaining a Management System, allowed us, as well,to objectively analyze all our processes and their interactions, led us to better analyze our market, our strengths, but also our weaknesses. We have realized that it is not enough to record numbers, but that only their analysis and interpretation makes it possible to initiate and keep alive a process of continuous improvement. Our goal? Satisfy our Customer as much as possible, while optimizing our activities, our results. There is talk, again, of corporate culture rather than quality certification.

Product quality in Eure Inox

Last but certainly not least is the aspect of product quality, which can only result in continuous and accurate checks on the bars and wires we produce every day. This is a fundamental aspect, necessary to provide the customer with the best possible product. To do this, over the years we have grown a laboratory full of innovative and accurate instruments to perform mechanical, chemical and physical tests on stainless steel. We make timely checks on the raw material and finished product, which we describe in detail on this laboratory page of our website. In addition, we perform in-line inspections by recording all dimensional parameters at every stage of processing with instruments networked to the company database, ensuring the best control and monitoring of production for compliance with Customers' requirements.
Of course, we do not believe that we have done everything possible; we believe that a way to do even better is always possible, and we strongly believe this because of our philosophy of quality described above. Our concept of continuous improvement makes us think that, every day, we would like to produce (or be) better than yesterday and worse than tomorrow!

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