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14 March 2022

INNOVATION: What it means innovate in the World of Stainless Steel

Is innovation possible?

The world of stainless steel lengths may not seem very dynamic. Production and processing follow mechanisms that have undergone little evolution since the dawn of large-scale production.
However, INNOVATE is possible and desirable.
Specific needs and new applications have always been a spur to study and design new technologies that can improve production processes.

Eure Inox and innovation

Eure Inox is constantly engaged in research, driven by the desire to find increasingly effective and timely answers to Customers' needs as well. Among the areas given special attention is quality control on products and processes.
There are two main control activities:

- in-line quality control
- laboratory quality control

On-line control

Thanks to the implementation of an information system that allows plants to be controlled remotely as well, Eure Inox has the ability to check and, if necessary, correct imperfections directly on line, going on to cut down management time.

Quality Control in the Laboratory: EureLab, A cutting-edge laboratory

The laboratory is one of the flagships of Eure Inox. This is where innovation really happens.
Its cutting-edge machinery allows for specific, high-precision analyses, starting with raw materials and ending with tests on finished products. Different types of tests, mechanical, chemical and physical, guarantee the quality of the final products.

Innovating by investing in people

For Eure Inox, innovation also means investing in capable staff who are able to find solutions to all those special requests that demanding customers submit to the company from time to time.
Finding innovative solutions brings into play a virtuous exchange always aimed at progress and quality.

Training and collaboration with Milan Polytechnic

Innovating also means investing in training and encouraging dialogue with realities engaged in research every day.
For this reason, Eure Inox has been promoting training events for years, also open to suppliers and customers, with the aim of promoting technical culture in the sector. How? By engaging institutions such as the Milan Polytechnic. 
The health emergency has slowed down these activities, but Eure Inox already has new projects in store for the future.

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