Eure Inox s.r.l.


29 June 2022

Eure Inox: People make the Difference

Over these 25 years, Eure Inox has built a path of growth, and just as our 25th anniversary approaches, it arises spontaneously to reflect on what were actually the winning factors that allowed us to reach this milestone.
We talked about quality, sustainability, innovation, but probably the real difference was made by the people who accompanied us over the years. Eure Inox Employees have always been asked for commitment, seriousness and transparency, but at the same time we have tried to return them acknowledgment, satisfaction and respect.

The value of people in Eure Inox

We have always been convinced that people are the true added value of a company, and therefore we have always felt that it is essential to recognise the role and importance of each of our employees. We often discuss machines, products, strategies, infrastructure, but perhaps not enough about how important it is to involve the people who work with us in a project and a path that, in part, becomes them as well.
Building a serene climate in the workplace and basing every relationship on respect should therefore always be a priority.
This does not mean that unhappiness cannot belong to any of our Co-workers, but we are committed to understanding each other's motivations, to transparent confrontation, and to constructive dialogue even when differences arise.

We have grown, also in numbers

To build something solid and durable, you really need the help of all your Collaborators. This philosophy has enabled us to grow. In the beginning, there were about 10 of us, ready to enthusiastically tackle all the work that needed to be done every day. In 25 years we have become almost 10 times bigger and most of the Employees we started with have decided to stay with the company. Even if the numbers make it more complex, we still always try to give space to the person behind each of our Collaborators. After all, the goal - and right - of everyone is to be able to feel good in the workplace. In addition, there will never be enough times when we can thank all the people who, with us, made this wonderful adventure possible.

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