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29 March 2022

GREEN - Sustainability for Eure Inox.

Being sustainable, for us at Eure Inox, means being responsible.
But what does it mean concretely, what should a company do? The answer we have found starts from the concept that sustainability is not something theoretical, but instead a responsibility that is translated into tangible, everyday actions and choices from the foundation.
We decided to tell the story of how we approach the subject, because through sharing it is possible to raise people's awareness, let those who work with us know the principles on which the choices in the company are based, and convey our values

CO2 emissions and industrial processes

Air pollution and climate change are among the major problems we must struggle with today in defense of our planet and the rights of future generations. The problem has been addressed for years and indeed, according to a recent study on greenhouse gas emission trends by ISPRA, emissions attributable to industry have dropped significantly over the last 20 years. For example, 49% less CO2 is produced. But is this enough? The answer is no, especially in relation to the new European targets set for 2030.
That is why Eure Inox addresses the subject of environmental impact whenever a strategic decision has to be made for business development.
An outstanding example is surely the decision to install two all-electric steel annealing furnaces. A forward-looking decision that allows us to completely cut down on direct CO2 emissions from the product manufacturing process. The annealing of steel bars and wires, in Eure Inox, is carbon-neutral, without sacrificing precision and process quality.
This avoids the emission of about 50 tons of CO2 each year.

Sustainable energy through photovoltaics

Another very important aspect is related to energy consumption, especially from non-renewable sources.
The establishment of a 1000m2 flowerbed and planting with 300 trees will soon enable the Eure Inox plant to be direct negative emission.
In Eure Inox, it was also decided to install a photovoltaic system totalling 12.000m2 capable of producing 2 GWh of energy per year.
Thanks to this installation, we are able to cover 40% of our on-site consumption and take advantage of an available, free and sustainable source of energy: the sun.
This action also allows Eureinox to be autonomous in the production of nitrogen and hydrogen on its own site and to avoid the installation of pickling systems and the associated handling and disposal of acid solutions.

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