Eure Inox s.r.l.


25 July 2023

Eure Inox products: stainless steel drawn bars and coils and ground bars

Eure Inox, a stainless steel drawing mill, has been processing for 25 years raw materials of high quality in order to provide the market with excellent products such as stainless steel drawn bars and coils and ground bars. Thanks to experience and commitment, over time we have managed to constantly improve our service, while also integrating consultative support to our Customers, so that they are always able to purchase the best product for their needs.

The Eure Inox product range

Our stainless steel products are obtained through controlled processes, expertise and significant quality control. Our range of stainless steel products consists of drown coils, drawn and ground bars of different sizes, square and hexagonal, flat with sharp edges and rounded edges. Moreover, thanks to a constant commitment to R&D, we are able to offer innovations and specialties. We believe that even for the best-known and most widely used products, such as drawn bars or drawn coils, there is always a possibility for improvement, study and further development. We focus on the growth of our skills, the adequacy of our entire facilities and the purchase of the best raw materials. We offer a high level of customization of our stainless steel products, always trying to respond specifically to the needs of our Customers, so much so that we also offer special profiles, available only upon request and specifically made for the needs of those who request them.

Stainless steel drawn bars and coild and ground bars

Our range of stainless steel drawn coils includes wire with diameters from 1.0 mm to 25 mm. Depending on need, the Customer can request bright and raw drawn wire, annealed wire, bonderized drawn wire for moulding and skinpassed wire. According to the relevant standard, tolerance classes h8, h9, h11 or on Customer's request are provided. Instead, diameters, product types and dimensional tolerances of stainless steel drawn bars vary according to the product. Drawn round bars range from 1.50 mm to 30 mm, peeled round bars range from 25 mm to 100 mm and ground round bars range from 1,5 mm to 10 mm. Square and hexagonal drawn bars range in size from 2 mm to 65 mm. Finally, we supply flat bars and coils, with sizes ranging from 2x1 mm to 15x10 mm, available both bright drawn and flats for keys. Stainless steel drawn bars have standard lengths of 3-6 meters or can be made according to the Customer's requirements.

How to contact us to learn more about stainless steel drawn bars and coils

At Eure Inox, we are always available to the Customer and to anyone who wants to learn more about our product range. Whether it is drawn wire or drawn bars, our Employees are at your complete disposal. To contact us, you can consult the "Contacts" page of our website, where e-mails and phone numbers of all function managers are indicated. We are located in Peschiera Borromeo (MI) and, for us, it is always a pleasure to receive Customers directly in the company, by showing what we carry out every day in our stainless steel drawing mill.

Request information

For any type of information, to request offers on our products or for any kind of logistic or administrative assistance, see the Contact page.