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08 November 2022

Eure Inox Quality Control

Quality control is essential to ensure that the product always conforms to the customer's requirements. At Eure Inox, this process takes on a really significant role, and over the years a lot has been invested in this direction.

Material controls during the production process

A first fundamental point to tell about quality control in the company is certainly that concerning the instruments used to measure and monitor the product. The line checks are carried out both automatically and manually.
In fact, the coexistence of technology and expertise of our resources is, in our opinion, the best way to achieve maximum results. Innovation helps us to do better and faster, but the responsibility for the process remains with the people.

The Eure Inox Lab

Also the lab, which we told about in this article, plays a significant role in quality control on the product. Thanks to our machinery and devices, we are able to perform various mechanical, physical and chemical tests in-house.

The goal is to bring down the number of nonconformities

The combination of these activities has one goal and one goal only: to minimise non-conformities and ensure high product quality at all times. 
Delivering a product that is 100% compliant to the customer's requirements is essential to ensure customer satisfaction. That is why we believe that quality control requires so much attention and dedication.
Always having the right equipment and looking for new solutions to optimise the process is a real strategic goal for us.


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