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23 September 2022

Extra alloy: what it is

For those of us who deal in stainless steel, it is vital to know how its price is evolving. One of the factors that plays a crucial role and allows us to better understand the periodic fluctuations of this material is undoubtedly Extra Alloy.
Then there are other factors that contribute to defining the price of steel, including the cost of energy, which makes up the item called Extra Energy.

What is Extra Alloy?

The Extra Alloy is a surcharge that must be added to the base price of stainless steel, calculated according to the quotations of the alloying elements (nickel, chrome, molybdenum, etc.), which fluctuate over time. The main reason for these fluctuations is the difficulty of finding the raw materials that make up the alloy itself.
On a monthly basis, the price is worked out from the value of steel as indicated by the London Stock Exchange. 

Can we make predictions?
The answer is yes, but...
Eure Inox, over the years, has always analysed the changes in the steel market, providing, in addition to the current quotation (link to page), forecasts for future months. The current delicate period, however, has outlined some peculiar behaviour, some important fluctuations that have complicated the forecasting outlook even for the nearer future.

What is certain is that Eure Inox has always applied the best price by comparing the value of the extra alloy relative to the delivery date with its value at the time of the customer's request.

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