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11 May 2022


On June 15-16-17, 2022, the ESSC & DUPLEX CONFERENCE, a major event dedicated to metallurgy, will be held in Bardolino, in the province of Verona. It is with great pleasure that Eure Inox will be taking part, with a speech presenting research work on electromagnetic core steels, a speciality of our company.

The work is the result of a partnership with the Politecnico di Milano, the main academic institution with which Eure Inox has had a fruitful collaboration for years now. The purpose is to work as a team, encouraging an environment conducive to research and development, which is fundamental to innovation and continued growth.

The conference on 16 June will focus on topics such as development, production technology, welding, corrosion and applications of stainless steels, addressing a diverse audience representative of both industry and academic worlds.

it is precisely the marriage of these two worlds that allows the sector to grow, with the development of applications that could mark the future of the steel world, we are also convinced of this at Eure Inox. At the event, it will then be possible to build on the needs of the industry, as food for thought for future work.

The ESSC & DUPLEX CONFERENCE is an event of international importance and, from what has been said so far, clearly important to Eure Inox's target market. To be able to participate along with other distinguished speakers from leading steel associations and industries can only be an honor.

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