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08 February 2024

The Strength of Entrepreneurship: Eure Inox among the most valuable companies in South Milan

Eure Inox is included in the ranking of the top 400 valuable companies in South Milan. This is a result that we gladly share, as it provides a basis for reflection on "doing business" today.
The entrepreneurial world is increasingly dynamic and complex and being an entrepreneur requires perseverance, strategy and market knowledge. But not only that. At Eure Inox, we are convinced that, to generate value, it is also necessary to embrace and transmit values such as accuracy, openness and intellectual honesty. Regardless of the industry, all Companies can contribute to economic growth and also territory development.
Eure Inox's strengths undoubtedly lie in the knowledge of the stainless steel sector, the ability to work with high-quality stainless steel products, a consolidated machine park and the availability of advanced laboratory technology. However, all these "plus" would decrease without competent and dedicated people, willing to continuously improve, with a focus on constant corporate growth and customer satisfaction.
We firmly believe in our business philosophy and we are satisfied when the results are recognized and confirmed, as highlighted by “ValoreImpresa”, the ranking of the leading companies in the South Milan area.

Eure Inox's results

The ranking, treated by the newspaper “Il Cittadino” and edited in collaboration with the “Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore” and CERSI (Research Centre for Entrepreneurial Development), was published at the end of 2023. It gathers information about the top 400 Companies in South Milan area, providing details regarding their industry, company size, performance and financial sustainability. In this ranking, Eure Inox is in the 33rd position – a result we find truly satisfying, especially considering the presence of significant international players in the same ranking. Furthermore, Eure Inox achieves another remarkable accomplishment: it ranks first among companies in the metallurgic sector.

The 400 analyzed Companies

The ranking was compiled using data extracted from the AIDA database, which contains information about active joint-stock companies in Italy. Based on these data, 400 Companies in South Milan area were selected, also considering their business development compared to the previous year. The availability of financial statements for 2021 and 2022 years was crucial for this selection process. We believe this approach is appropriate as it considers the evolution of companies over time. Another essential requirement was having an headquarters in one of the 15 districts in the area, including Peschiera Borromeo. This is important, because it allows Companies to contribute to local development. Moreover, the research team decided to include all sectors of industry and financial services, excluding credit institutions and insurance companies.

Ranking Definition: Used Indicators

The ranking was prepared in decreasing order, considering various indicators, which primarily involve the revenues from the last year's sales. Company size was assessed based on indirect indicators, which represent the overall amount of company investments/uses. Performance was measured through the EBITDA Margin (the ratio between gross operating margin and company turnover) and the ROA (Return of Investment), calculated as the ratio between gross operating income and total assets. Finally, financial sustainability was evaluated through the financial burdens/sales revenues indicator, which shows the impact of financial indebtedness costs on turnover.
Eure Inox believes that, selecting and promoting active companies in the region, able to create value, is a positive choice. Considering our business approach, it is also an opportunity to thank all our collaborators for this achievement, a result of collaborative effort. We always underline that, behind numbers and indicators, there are always people

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