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26 February 2024


Eure Inox is organizing a new workshop open to all steel operators
On 19th March Eure Inox will organize a day dedicated to the theme "SURFACE AND INTERNAL DISCONTINUITIES THROUGH EDDY CURRENT AND UT" with the collaboration of Eng. Carlo Mapelli, professor of Metallurgy at the Politecnico di Milano.


The program

The workshop organized for 19th March is dedicated to all operators in the steel world who are interested in the subject "SURFACE AND INTERNAL DISCONTINUITIES THROUGH EDDY CURRENT AND UT". As already done for the workshop organized last year, the day will open at 09:00 a.m., and the morning will be dedicated to an informative intervention managed by Professor Eng. Carlo Mapelli, followed by a buffet lunch. It is an opportunity to deepen knowledge but also to exchange and to apply one's own knowledge and experiences. In the afternoon, for those interested, it will be possible to attend a demonstration on our control line. A proposal that allows combining theory and practice, with the desire to share solutions and practices that we implement at Eure Inox every day.


The importance of information and culture for the steel world

The organization of conferences and workshops has always been an activity dear to Eure Inox. It is an idea born from the desire to generate moments of discussion and growth, involving also all our commercial partners. We are convinced that for the success and growth of companies, the sharing of knowledge and skills, the creation of a collaborative climate and continuous exchange are fundamental. We believe that, even in the stainless steel sector, the continuous search for innovation, culture and quality is really important. These days are not only an opportunity to increase knowledge but also to create relationships and experience fruitful exchanges with other operators in the sector, potential partners for one's business. In an increasingly dynamic context companies must develop the ability to seize opportunities, create new bonds, and network. Collaboration and growth are fundamental.


How to register for the workshop

Participation in the event is free, and registering is very simple. By clicking here and filling in the online form on our website.


The number of available places is limited; therefore, we kindly ask everyone to leave their name preferably within 12th March. The Eure Inox team is fully available for information, questions, and curiosities. It is sufficient to write to the email address events@eureinox.it.


We are really happy to host this event at our company, and we look forward to meeting you at our headquarters in Peschiera Borromeo (MI), at Via Leonardo da Vinci 2/4.

Request information

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