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21 November 2022

Steel and Art

The uses of steel: the role of this material in art 

The advent of stainless steel has been a true technological revolution, enabling innovation in various sectors. When we talk about steel, however, the first thing we think of is probably not an artwork, rather something distinctly more industrial. In reality, this material has also played a leading role in the art world and in Eure Inox we have had the pleasure of making our own small contribution.

Steel’s special features

Stainless steel has some characteristics that make it truly unique, even in the eyes of artists. It is a material that can express beauty, is able to play with light and can be modelled in different ways. Precisely for this reason, there is no lack of famous examples of artistic use of steel, a protagonist in many sculptural works. After all, art has precisely the ability to transform, to create, to revolutionize even the most tangible and concrete objects by transforming them into something more abstract and profound. Especially, when we are talking about an interesting material, obviously capable of stimulating creativity.
Eure Inox has had the opportunity to get a close insight into the creative process that leads to the creation of some of these works of art by coming into contact with Anna Santinello. She’s a Milanese painter and sculptor, who has exhibited her works all over the world. For us it is an honour to have donated steel wires of different sizes to the artist for her works and experiments. Furthemore, it is with great pleasure that we display one of his works, dedicated to us, at the entrance to the company: the Eure Inox lettering modelled precisely with steel wires. 

The work of Anna Santinello

The artist was born in Padua in 1937 although her working life developed in Milan after graduating from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. She is a sculptor and a painter of recognised talent, who has participated in events such as the “Biennale di Venezia” and the BIAB Beijing Biennial. Her works have always been the result of a journey that started with a desire to work with materiality, to model and to create. Instinct has always guided Anna Santinello, who is always able to externise and narrate a broad spectrum of emotions and concepts, positive such as joy, but also strong, such as anger and violence. Many of her works, in fact, also symbolize her commitment against violence against women, which she has recounted through paintings and sculptures, to the point of receiving official recognition from the Province of Milan.

The use of steel

As anticipated, Anna Santinello is a painter and sculptress and, over the years, she has experimented with different materials, including steel. Many of her sculptures are the result of an intense modelling and working steel, done with her bare hands and a few simple tools. The starting concept is to intertwine metal wires, creating three-dimensional volumes and shapes, even large ones. By challenging the strength and hardness of this material, he has achieved truly exceptional works that can tell a lot.
What has guided the artist in his experimentation is not merely an aesthetic question, but rather the need to transmit much deeper values, also linked to today's society. The figures made of steel often do not represent whole figures, for example, they’re just a bust, a face or a body part. Her sculptures are characterised by soft, important volumes and acquire an incredible smoothness when touched. Steel is the inevitable protagonist, the only and essential element of his works, for which wrappings or covering layers are rejected.

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