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28 March 2023

Stainless steel: quality wire drawing and service excellence

For 25 years, Eure Inox has been striving to be recognised by the market as a first-class stainless steel drawing company. To succeed in this goal, we offer our Customers drawn bars and wire with different profiles, always paying special attention to the quality, both of the workmanship and of the raw material.

For those who do not know us, reading this short article you can get a complete overview of our products, the materials we deal with, and the processing we perform.

Stainless steel processing: what we do

As previously mentioned, Eure Inox is a stainless steel drawing company, and it is clear that our core business concerns the cold processing of bars, wires, and special profiles. We also handle the grinding of bars and, in any case, we always try to respond in the most punctual and precise manner to customer requirements, defining the machining processes in such a way as to meet the expected requirements.

Thanks to our furnaces, we also take care of solution annealing, annealing and hysteresis control treatment. Specifically, one furnace is dedicated to the heat treatment of the wires, while the second is dedicated to the annealing of the bars.

We have chosen all the equipment present, with the aim of always achieving the best results in stainless steel processing. This means, for example, uniform and constant temperature in the furnaces, controlled speed, high precision and in-line quality control.

Let's talk about stainless steel: what materials we process

For us, drawn means only top-quality stainless steel. We are very careful in selecting raw materials and over time we have built solid relationships with the largest Italian and European steel mills.

We process more than 30 types of steel, of which we have collected all significant data for our Customers on the "materials" page of our website. The sheets are divided by austenitic, martensitic and ferritic, duplex and precipitation hardeners. In addition, we call EURE + materials all improved machinability steels, which are perfect for some subsequent processing, such as high-speed turning or the use of automatic machines. In order to respond precisely to all of our Customers' requirements, we have some materials that we call "specialties," which we treat in a special way and help us to stand out in the stainless steel drawing market.

Finally, it is worth emphasising our wide availability of steel with which we can cover months of production.

Drawn and ground bars, drawn wire and special profiles: our products

To conclude the story of what Eure Inox does, we also recap all the final products we offer to our Customers. Thanks to the processes presented and the use of high quality stainless steel, we produce drawn bars and wire in round, square, hexagonal or special profile shapes. We leverage our experience and expertise to always respond to our Clients' requirements precisely, combining the sale of drawn steel with valuable consulting services. All this leads us to constant research and development, which should never be taken for granted when it comes to stainless steel.

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