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22 May 2023

Stainless steel drawn products: the importance of raw material

As a stainless steel drawing plant, at Eure Inox we are convinced that the choice of raw material is a very important part of our job. In fact, in order to offer excellent products, it is essential to use high quality stainless steel.

Wires and bars: the strategy of Eure Inox

All of Eure Inox's products are produced exclusively starting from high quality stainless steel, as the company considers this choice essential for the quality of the final product. A strategy elaborated over years of experience in the world of drawn steel. We consider essential a careful choice of the stainless steel in order to reduce as much as possible criticalities in the production process and possible defects on the finished product (wire in coils, drawn bars and profiles of different sections). Therefore, it is precisely the materials that make the difference and that make Eure Inox a highly reliable wire drawing plant capable of meeting the most varied demands of its Customers. To succeed in this, we buy steel from the leading steel plants in Europe and worldwide, creating an appropriate stock that always covers the company's production capacity. A decision that help us to face the uncertainty of the raw material market, which is increasingly unpredictable both in terms of cost and availability.

Stainless steel: what we buy

At Eure Inox we buy different types of stainless steel, so that we can use the raw material deemed most appropriate to meet the Customer's requirements. We also always offer a consulting service to our Customers. If we are asked for steel bars, wire in coils or special stainless steel profiles, even if a particular steel is specified, we prefer to know the Customer's intended uses, because we can evaluate the alternatives. In these years of activity, we’ve often supported companies in the choice of steel and we continue to offer this service because it is much appreciated.

At Eure Inox we process more than 30 different stainless steels, divided between:

  • Austenitic;

  • Martensitic and Ferritic;

  • Duplex;

  • Hardener.

Information about the stainless steel we use

We have created a page on our website devoted entirely to materials, considering the wide range of stainless steel we use in our production.

Each type of steel is divided into the categories indicated in the previous paragraph and each material is clickable. In addition, where the "+" appears, it means that the steel is among the materials we call "EURE+," meaning improved-manufacture; while if the label is in light blue, they are “house specialties” and treated with special procedures.

If you are looking for details about a steel used for drawing, such as AISI 304 steel, you will simply click on the label, in this case 1.4301/304+, to open the specific page. Here, you can find out the chemical analysis and a description of characteristics and area of use. It is also possible to download the complete data sheet of the chosen stainless steel. Within the document you will also know the indicative mechanical properties according to EN 10088-3, ease of welding, corrosion resistance and the heat treatment performed. To finish, our offices are at your disposal for any information you may have regargind the stainless steel we use.

Request information

For any type of information, to request offers on our products or for any kind of logistic or administrative assistance, see the Contact page.