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30 January 2024

Solubilization, Annealing, and Hysteresis Control Treatment: The Furnaces of Eure Inox

Eure Inox owns three major installations for solubilization, annealing, and treatment for electromagnetic hysteresis control, allowing the company to stand out in the high-quality stainless steel processing industry. Eure Inox firmly believe that thoroughly studying each process and machinery, and continually investing in its infrastructure, is a winning strategy from multiple perspectives. This approach benefits both the quality of the product and customer satisfaction.

The Furnaces of Eure Inox

Our furnaces have been meticulously selected to perform custom treatments based on client requests. We can manage the heat treatment of wires, including annealing, and aging, alongside improving the electromagnetic properties of stainless-steel bars. This capability allows us to offer all the treatments our clients need, with additional environmental benefits. A strategic choice involves the type of machinery power source. These are electric furnaces, completely controlled remotely through systems that continuously monitor the speed and temperature of each process. We are very satisfied with the resulting treatments, as the temperature uniformity is optimal, leading to extremely consistent product quality.
Our company's furnaces have also received special attention in academic and professional circles, having been discussed in two renowned workshops in the metallurgy sector. These events featured speaker Eng. Carlo Mapelli, an authority in the field of metallurgy, as well as a full professor and researcher at the Department of Mechanics at the Politecnico di Milano.

The workshops that presented our furnaces include:
•    The AIM event on wire drawing, held in Bergamo in 2017.
•    METEC 2023, a significant conference that took place in Dusseldorf.

How Eure Inox's Electric Furnaces Work

The solubilization/annealing furnaces for stainless steel wire involve a five-stage process, starting with initial degreasing and concluding with the finished product. From drawn, hardened steel, we produce solubilized or annealed wire, thanks to a controlled cooling process and a salting stage, which prevents defects during wire drawing.
The electric furnace for annealing stainless steel bars consists of four stages, from loading to the automatic unloading of the product, which is raw upon entry and finished upon exit. Between these two points, the annealing and controlled cooling of the bars occur. The treatments ensure that the steel is suitable for electromagnetic applications, such as solenoids and electrovalve cores.

Sustainability in the Company

Choosing to install electrically powered furnaces, instead of gas-fired furnaces has significantly reduced the environmental impact of these processes, making them "carbon neutral". A choice that may seem more "predictable" today, but nearly a decade ago, it was a real gamble, as gas technology was more known, widespread, and established. In addition, beyond being inherently more polluting, gas would have also entailed higher management costs. This means that an environmentally friendly choice has also proven advantageous for the company. Not to mention that, thanks to the photovoltaic system installed on our roofs, we can sustainably produce the energy needed for their operation, further reducing the environmental impact of the furnaces and also cutting the costs of energy purchases.

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