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27 September 2022

Quality in Eure Inox: a tangible value

Eure Inox doesn’t see quality and certification in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 as an obligation, but something that blends in with day-to-day operations. This means that the Management System, which has been certified for about ten years, does not move in parallel with company operations, but rather has been perfectly integrated and transformed into a true philosophy of quality, shared by all operators.

The philosophy of quality in Eure Inox

Certification and quality, at our company, are not just a commitment to be added to the to-do list. Quality, in Eure Inox, is an intrinsic value in everything that is done. Just as the Standard requires, the ultimate goal is to achieve maximum Customer satisfaction. It is no coincidence that our approach also involves investing energy and resources in research and analysis of processes and procedures, in order to find answers to even the most particular requests of our Customers. In return, we receive numerous recognitions from them for what we have done. This is also demonstrated by the audits carried out by our most important Customers, during which we take advantage of the fruitful exchange of view, to better understand needs and specific requests of the Customer, trying to grasp them and apply them in the company. In fact, the customer's requests often go beyond the requirements of the Standard and, for us, this only becomes a cue and a stimulus for further improvement.

Some of our strengths: quality control and laboratory

Like any business, we are aware of what is a flagship in Eure Inox. Speaking about quality and ISO 9001, for example, we have to mention the recording of all controls carried out during the entire production cycle, using instrumentation that allows them to be transferred directly and in real time to the management system. This guarantees high monitoring and equally significant traceability of the controls and processes themselves. In addition, the operator is immediately notified of any deviation from the standard in accordance with the Customer's requirements and, again through the management system, transferred to the machine with the production order. This is how we have greatly reduced the probability of error and of producing outside the Customer's specifications. Equally important is our testing laboratory, which is equipped with all the necessary equipment to conduct all kinds of tests on the material. Innovative and technological, they allow us to conduct a large number of tests in-house; mass spectrometer, coercimeter, mechanical tests, electron microscope, durometers and micro-durometers, we have everything we need.

The role of People

Just as the Standard requires, Human Resources and their skills play a particularly important role in Eure Inox. We have always paid the utmost attention to the development of our People, so much so that, through years of work, today we can count on a group of employees with multiple skills. The level of polyvalence and polycompetence is very high and this allows us to manage processes fluidly, reorganising resources according to specific needs, the product to be manufactured or the order to be completed.

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