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10 October 2023

Drawing and grinding of stainless-steel bars, wires and special-profiles: Eure Inox manufacturing

The industry today offers different technologies for stainless steel manufacturing. For this reason, too, the expertise and experience of the people who manage the processes are important. Additionally, the right choice of stainless steel and processing methodologies are essential to ensure proper applications and uses. In this article, we want to speak about the manufacturing we do at Eure Inox.

Drawing and grinding of stainless-steel bars, wires and special-profiles

Drawing is a process of stainless steel manufacturing that allows a modification of its shape, thus obtaining the desired profile suitable for the expected purpose. This manufacturing is based on the ductility of metals, which deform themselves inside the machine until the required section is obtained. This process is cold working and the hardening improves the characteristics of the material.

Drawing and grinding of stainless-steel bars, wires and special-profiles are the heart of our activities; these are the processes in which Eure Inox has put its expertise and its experience for more than 25 years. Moreover, to offer maximum excellence, we have decided to invest constantly and very carefully in our machinery, in order to improve manufacturing and reliability of the entire production flow.

Eure Inox's drawing and grinding machines

As already said, our decision to invest in machines depends on our intent to carefully select the technology we use, so that we achieve optimal levels of precision and speed. Clearly, the goal is always to ensure the highest levels of quality of drawing and grinding of stainless-steel bars, wires and special-profiles.

Our drawing department includes machines for drawing round bars from 1.8 to 30 mm, square bars from 2 to 22 mm and hexagonal bars from 2 to 27 mm. The grinding machines can process round bars from 1.5 to 100 mm, in all tolerances. To optimize the process and facilitate automatic adjustment, we have chosen to equip all our grinding machines with a laser measuring system for diameter control. In addition, we also have from wires to wires drawing machines and chamfering machines for bar ends’ chamfers at 30° and 45°, also for square and hexagonal bars.

Drawing and grinding machines: the importance of control and quality

At Eure Inox, we are sure that, to achieve excellence, as a stainless steel drawing plant, it’s essential to give a good measure also of monitoring and quality control process.

For this reason, when we talk about manufacturing and machines, in our opinion we must mention our defect inspection equipment, the instrument we use to detect surface discontinuous defects and internal defects. The inspection is held by an induced current technology, while ultrasound technology is used for internal defects. In addition, we use optical-morphological inspection to intercept defects of visual nature, thanks to high-frequency detection cameras

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