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12 June 2023

Stainless steel workshops: Eure Inox is back on track

On 28th June, the first of many conferences and workshops dedicated to the world of stainless steel will be held in Eure Inox. After a few years of stop, due to the global health emergency we experienced, we are really satisfied to come back to meet market players. These really interesting workshops are important moments from an educational and confrontational point of view and our goal is to turn these workshops into ongoing appointments over time. After all, we strongly believe in the importance of activities such as training and information, which are essential for the continuous growth of any business.

What will we talk about on June 28th?

Our first workshop will be held on June 28th at Eure Inox, in Peschiera Borromeo and it will be an excellent opportunity to explore the first topic we have studied for these meetings. The title of the workshop is explanatory: "Important knowledge about 17-4 PH (1.4542)."

The lecture will be held by engineer Carlo Mapelli, professor of metallurgy and researcher at the Department of Mechanics of the “Politecnico of Milan”. The choice of the speaker is due precisely to his experience in the metallurgical industry, for his role in the academic world and his role of consultant at major companies and steel mills. With the passion and competence that always distinguish him, Professor Mapelli will definitely make the event a very concrete and constructive moment of discussion and growth.

The importance of training and discussion with market players

Organizing a series of workshops is a way of expressing our desire to grow and to increase both our and your knowledge and skills. We are convinced that, for a company like Eure Inox, training is essential to achieve continuous improvement in processes and products. Despite our experience and achievements over the years, we believe that there is always an allowance for new professional growth. The opportunity to share this with other players in the steel market makes the educational moment even more enriching. We will finally be able to meet again in presence, taking advantage of all positive things that emerge from direct confrontation and the desire to share opinions, knowledge and reflections. We hope to find the same enthusiasm in all those who will decide to participate at this workshop and at the next ones we will organize.

A look at innovation

The training in industrial and manufacturing sector has also the purpose to prepare workers for innovation. The world of steel is no exception. Training, knowledge and growth, from our point of view at Eure Inox, can only be combined with major investments in R&D. Thus, we relate back to the theme of continuous improvement and quality growth of services and products. We must be able to surpass ourselves and offer the market quality and new solutions, increasingly high-performance. For this reason, during the workshop on June 28th, Professor Mapelli will also include a lecture on the application of Artificial Intelligence in the industrial field, sharing the knowledge acquired also during his recent studies and lectures on the subject.

How to register for the workshop

We would like to remind everyone interested in participating to register for our workshop through the form we have created on our website. The workshop is completely free, up to a maximum of 100 participants. At the end of the event, it will also be possible to take a company tour to learn more about the activities we carry out at Eure Inox. For any inquiries or information, please do not hesitate to contact us at events@eureinox.it. We kindly invite you to register preferably by June 19th.

Request information

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