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02 April 2024

A day of training and networking: the report of the latest Eure Inox workshop

On the morning of 19th March at our headquarters, a new workshop took place, attended by numerous industry operators. The topic generated particular interest, and our review of the day is nothing but positive.
The participation was exceptionally high: we gathered more than 100 registrations, with participants coming not only from different areas of Italy but also from all over Europe. It was an opportunity to meet partners and clients in person, in an informal setting dedicated to professional growth and discussion.

Why the Eure Inox workshops?

The day began with a speech by Mr. Renato Nemfardi, who founded the company together with his wife Eugenia, whose names together form the "EURE" of Inox. They started the business more than 25 years ago with a lot of experience in the sector accumulated over time, which today can also be leveraged by creating educational events like the one we are discussing. The driving force of the company, and also the proponent of training events and workshops, is precisely the desire to always do better and to continue to challenge ourselves. This desire requires weaving increasingly productive and constructive relationships with the market. The idea behind these initiatives is precisely to share experiences and knowledge, also by discussing our way of working, the technology used, and the processes carried out. We at Eure Inox are convinced that this is a winning choice for all parties involved. We firmly believe this, and days like these only prove it.

What was discussed…

The workshop was titled "Surface and core defects and related controls through eddy current and ultrasonic testing," and the topic was the subject of an interesting discussion by Prof. Eng. Carlo Mapelli. It focused on material quality and defects, solutions to control the achieved results and the material, but also on the importance of creating a dialogue between customer and manufacturer based on the awareness and the culture of stainless steel processing. The concept is clear: by understanding the purpose for which a product is requested, it is possible to achieve something most suitable for the purpose, even in terms of quality. The goal is not to eliminate 100% of defects but to have material with performance adequate for its requested use.
The conversation then passed to our colleague of the Laboratory at Eure Inox, who shared how and to what extent the company implements what was illustrated. In particular, four different controls present on the lines were introduced. The first is an "antimixing," which allows identifying the differences in a bar from the rest of the batch, even in terms of diameter size. Two other controls are managed by the "Defectomat" (also present on the company's drawing lines), which searches for transversal defects, and the "Circograph," consisting of a rotating head capable of detecting longitudinal defects. Lastly, an ultrasonic testing control is useful for searching for core discontinuities.
To ensure the highest quality, all control systems are appropriately calibrated, and, most importantly, every operator is certified to the 1st or 2nd level according to UNI ISO 9712. The people responsible for the production process are perfectly aware of their role and are held accountable for the results obtained and for the defects detected or not. Thanks to this expertise, we can realize production cycles specifically designed for the client, with levels of control always perfectly aligned with the purpose of the processing. For us, the satisfaction of the client coincides with our own.

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