The wide range of machinery.
Eure Inox went through a progressive commercial development that was always accompanied by important investments and support of the productive activity. The choice of the machinery was always governed by the will to obtain maximum levels finished products.
Defects testing machine
Machine for searching and identifying surface defects on the material through eddy currents (cracks, scratches and holes) and for analysis with ultrasonic test to find out hidden defects inside the material.
Machines for processing of rounds from 1.5 to 100 mm in diameter in all tolerances. Grinders are equipped with a laser measuring system for checking the product diameter and automatic set up.
Drawing machines
Machines for processing of rounds from 1.80 up to 30 mm, squares from 2 up to 22 mm and hexagons from 2 up to 27 mm in size. Drawing machines are equipped with eddy current testing machines.
Cold rolling for processing of special profiles.
Chamfering machines
Machines for cutting the heads of bars to 30° and 45°, for rounds, hexagons and squares as well.
Coil and rolling machines
Machines for drawing from coil to coil.
Unrolling crowns