An efficient and equipped laboratory.
Eure Inox built a modern laboratory, specific for tensile tests and chemical analysis of stainless steel materials, with last generation instruments through which we keep checking the quality of the material, starting from the incoming material from our suppliers. This equipment allows us to measure the parameters of process during every step of processing, checking every specificity for each product.
Through detailed analysis our technicians optimize every characteristic of every material, adapting them to our customers' requirements so that every one of them, even the hardest ones, are met. These analysis allow Eure Inox to keep track of the parameters of process and peculiarities of the processed material needed by every single customer so that it's always possible to find out the origin and what processes have been used for every produced lot, making us able to assist our customers long after the material has been delivered.
INSTRON 3382 Model
Universal machine for measuring the mechanic behavior of bars, with a strength of 100 kN (22.000 lbf) and digital bearing of applied strength with measure of elongation through a video extensometer. Acquisition and computation of data from a Bluehill 2 software from Instron, through which resistance to breaking, yield point and elongations can be calculated and automatically transferred to the test certification along with their graph.

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INSTRON Modello 3382
TALYROND 131C (Taylor Hobson)
It's a high precision roundness measure instrument, used to check mistakes in shape on the material such as roundness, concentricity, runout, cylindricity and coaxiality. With its software it measures the highest quality standards, reaching roundness mistakes lower than 0,5 microns.

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Metallographic Microscope LEICA Z16 APO
Instrument for analysis of the internal structure of stainless steel, after the necessary polishing and electrochemical etching of the sample, both performed in our laboratory. In this way it's possible to measure the grain size dimension of stainless steels and some inclusions. It uses a high definition digital camera and a Leica software used for measuring and analyze the sample.
Microscopio metallografico
Quantometer SPECTROMAX X
Instrument for checking the chemical composition of the stainless steel through an analysis of the spectrum emitted from the material excited with a spark. With this instrument we are able to check the presence of more than 20 chemical elements, among which Carbon.
Quantometro SPECTROMAX
Manual Durometer GALILEO
Analogic instrument for reading of Rockwell hardness (according with ISO norm).
Durometro manuale
Roughness meter HOMMEL T500
Instrument for measuring the surface roughness according to Ra, Rzand Rmax parameters.