Extra alloy
Extra alloy quotations.
Have a look at the official extra alloy values for the running month and our forecasts for the next months. Click on the button to download the document in pdf format.

NB: The downloaded documents represent for Eure Inox the references for the purchasing and selling of material in the Italian and foreign market.
Quotation of current month

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Quotation of last month

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State of the last 12 months

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Forecast of the extra alloy surcharge
01/02/19 - Le maggiori restrizioni imposte dai governi sull'estrazione del nickel e le aumentate speculazioni finanziarie generate dagli utili ottenuti lo scorso anno, ci porta a fare previsioni di aumento del prezzo del nickel nonostante il mercato sia in fase stagnante.
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Quotation of the cold finished products
Materials April March
304 1,76 Euro/Kg 1,66 Euro/Kg
316 2,71 Euro/Kg 2,53 Euro/Kg
Monthly extra alloy
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