Who we are
Many ideas, one team

At Eureinox, for 15 years, every office has been contributing in improving the services, the quality and the effectiveness offered by all our departments.
We care about every single customer and our attention to every detail in our relationships makes us gain common knowledge and an advanced productive ability. Moreover, together we can grow in a concrete and rewarding way, through the values of respect, the availability to listen to every need, appreciating everyone's skills. These values leads us to strengthen our team spirit, that sees in the collaboration among all the colleagues a crucial element.
We believe in these fundamental values, so that we can evolve lively and with enthusiasm thanks to everyone's proficiency and initiatives. To be a real dream team.

Eure Inox represents the realization of a dream. Although it was only founded in 1997, it boasts thirty years of experience in the sector of stainless steel long bars , permitting it to acquire an important role in the market over the last few years.

Compared to its humble beginnings, with its small staff and plant, Eureinox currently utilizes approximately 41.000 sqm of general surface, 18.000 sqm of which as covered space for production and warehousing and It has a staff of about 51 employees.

Customer service and expertise in the manufacturing processes of a wide range of products constitute the key strength of the company and, at the same time, ensure achievement of the corporate objectives.

Eureinox presents itself as a commercial partner, not only for the supply of products, but also for technical consulting in the selection of materials.